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Number plates can make or break an MOT test. The UK has a strict set of regulations for all vehicle number plates, and if car owners don’t meet any of these requirements during an MOT, they will likely fail the test. From damage to dirt, dysfunctional lights to stuck-on plates, illegal plates to none at all, these factors can be enough for car owners to fail the MOT test.

While MOT tests don’t solely focus on number plates, and there’s a separate test for them alone, it’s important to ensure that your number plates are in top condition. Number plates play an integral role; without good-quality plates, you may be in trouble.

What Are MOT Tests For?

The Ministry of Transport test (MOT) is an annual test to ensure that cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles are safe to drive on public roads. During the MOT test, professionals check a vehicle’s exhaust, brakes, tyres, and other vital parts. And since number plates are a crucial part of every vehicle, they also contribute to the test’s success or failure.

An MOT isn’t the same as having your vehicle serviced. An MOT test aims to check that your car meets the minimum legal standards for road safety and environmental protection. You can only watch an MOT test as professionals hold them. See it as a check-up for your car; any failing parts must be fixed before you can legally drive the vehicle.

Vehicle parts that go through an MOT include:

  • Lights
  • Electrical wiring and battery
  • Windscreen and wipers
  • Steering and suspension
  • Seatbelts and seats
  • Fuel system
  • Vehicle body
  • Tailgates and towbars
  • Exhaust emission and system
  • Doors and mirrors
  • Horns and brakes
  • Tyres, wheels, and TPMS
  • Bonnet
  • Registration plates

An MOT lasts for a year, and your current MOT pass certificate is the printed date it runs out. It’s a car owner’s responsibility to ensure the vehicle has a valid MOT. Driving without a valid MOT can get you a fine of up to £1,000.

The best way to ensure that you pass an MOT is to have all the car parts mentioned above in working condition. Have regular check-ups and repairs, if necessary, to avoid any issues during the MOT test. It must be on top of your mind that your vehicle is in good condition and safe to drive. Ultimately, you are testing for your safety and other drivers on the road.

How Number Plates Affect MOT Test Results

Every car owner in the UK must know about the BS AU 145e, the standard for number plates. You must precisely follow the regulations for the design, size, and materials used for vehicle registration plates. Number plates are just one of the many vital parts of a vehicle, but any deviations will result in a failed MOT test. How do you ensure that your number plate won’t cause a test failure?

  • Fix damaged number plates. All number plates must be resistant to weather conditions and any impact. If your number plates have dents or are cracked and not visible, it’s time to fix or replace them.
  • Keep number plates clean. On the road, number plates get dirty and accumulate grime. Clean your number plates without causing any damage to the materials.
  • Check the number plate light. Rear number plates have a small light to illuminate plate numbers, especially in darkness. If your number plate isn’t readable or reflective, your car will likely fail the MOT test.
  • Attach number plates securely. All car owners must securely attach number plates on the vehicle’s front and rear. Stuck-on number plates aren’t considered secure and can cause an MOT test failure.
  • Ensure that number plates are legal. While getting number plates from private or online dealers is possible, they must still follow the regulations and not use any altered symbols or characters. Get your number plates only from authorised dealers knowledgeable about the laws.

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MOT tests cost money, and failing due to number plates is a costly mistake. Don’t risk having an illegal or dysfunctional number plate that’ll cause you to fail the MOT test. Instead, get your number plates from Plates Express!

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